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Formulating hair color is not hit and run, but a science and only a Master Hair Colorist can do the job professionally. Cyndee will personally work with you to make coloring your hair fearless and fun.  In addition to her other talents, Cyndee specializes in cutting curly hair. As you know cutting curly hair just isn't something for someone who doesn't have experience. It takes a special touch to tame curly tresses in order to get their full potential. Cyndee uses her extensive expertise and takes a conservative approach to curly hair gently coaxing the full potential of your curls to their maximum potential.  

Come see Cyndee today, you are sure to be pleased with the result. From precision cuts, smooth tresses or sparking color, get the look you want!


The problem with Arizona and curly hair is there isn't enough humidity in the air to bring out your curls full  potential.  Half of my clientele has curly hair and every haircut and every style is different.  Some let theirs go natural, a few get blowouts to better control their frizz, (not to go straight) some round brush (for a more styled lasting look) and a few diffuse.  About the only common ground for my curly haired girls is a treatment that helps restore that moisture and coats the hair to help cut back on frizz and bring out their curls full bounce and potential.   I can also help you chose the correct products for your specific type of hair, so there is less waist and unused products as well as give you great tips on caring for your tresses.  I know how to cut curly hair because I have it myself and I realize the many challenges curly girls face. So turn your curl over to a higher power and embrace them.


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